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Project Description(项目说明)
SharePoint Friendly Query is a query builder library which release you from the complex CAML. Just use T-SQL liked gramma as "SELECT * from Announcement WHERE Title CONTAINS 'Erucy' ORDER BY ID DESC".

A Code example just like: (代码示例)

SPWeb web = SPContext.Current.Web;
string queryStr = "SELECT * FROM 通知 WHERE 标题 CONTAINS 'Erucy' AND ID > 10";
FriendlyQuery query = new FriendlyQuery(web, queryStr);
query.RowLimit = 100;
query.Scope = FriendlyQuery.QueryScope. AllItemsAndFolders;
SPListItemCollection items = query.GetItems();
foreach(SPListItem i in items)
Response.Write(i.Title + "<br/>");

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